Company Day


Meetings, training sessions, recreational days, and sauna evenings

Event Space

Training and dining
for about 40 people

Saunas and Hot Tubs

Sauna B for about 20 people,
Sauna C for about 10 people

Yard and Sea

Rowing, fishing, swimming, volleyball, and other yard games

Event Space

The Event Space is an old stone barn, making it a unique meeting space at the Anttoora holiday village. The one-meter-thick stone walls conceal a splendid meeting space where a larger group can gather around the farmhouse tables. The party space has indoor seating for about 40 people.

Sauna B

The sauna is located right by the shoreline. From the two hot tubs on the terrace, there are magnificent views of the sea. The wood-fired sauna can accommodate a larger group.

The capacity for sauna evenings is about 20 people. The building also offers accommodation for 4 people. The distance to the swimming dock is about 15 meters.

Sauna C

The hot tub on the terrace of the beach sauna offers magnificent views of the sea. The Harvia pillar stove ensures hot steam. The capacity for sauna evenings is about 10 people. The building also has accommodation for 4 people in the loft.

Yard and Sea

Our holiday village’s large grassy area provides an excellent opportunity to organize activities during your corporate days. You can go rowing, fishing, swimming, or play volleyball and other yard games during your event. We offer rowboats and yard game equipment for your free use.