Our holiday village offers a wide range of
opportunities for various activities.

Grill Hut

  • Our holiday village has a grill hut for shared use by our guests, located near the seaside
  • The grill hut has seating for about 15 people and offers the possibility to grill your own food
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Yard Games

  • On our holiday village’s approximately 2-hectare grass area, where you can play various yard games
  • From our yard game storage, you can find the following equipment: Mölkky, Pétanque, Croquet, Badminton, Volleyball and Dartboard


  • Our holiday village guests have free access to rowboats and life jackets
  • You can also rent an outboard motor for an additional fee
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  • Our holiday village offers a wide range of fishing opportunities
  • Worm fishing rods are freely available for our guests. You can find the worm fishing rods in our yard game storage
  • Read more: Fishing


  • From our holiday village’s newly renovated large swimming dock, you can safely dive into the water
  • Even the smallest family members can get accustomed to the sea water from our small and gently sloping sandy beach
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Bird Watching

  • Anttoora island and its surrounding area boast a diverse bird population
  • Here, you can spot, among others, large sea eagles, beautiful whooper swans, cormorants, divers, eiders, and scoters
  • Anttoora island is located on the main migration route for many birds, known as the “Bothnian Bay waterfowl route”
  • Attached is a map of bird watching towers in Pori

Berry and Mushroom Picking

  • Anttoora island has a diverse and abundant supply of berries and mushrooms
  • In the forests of Anttoora, you can find, among others, blueberries, lingonberries, chanterelles, and funnel chanterelles
  • In Finland, everyman’s right refers to the right of everyone to enjoy nature and use it regardless of ownership: Finnish everyman’s rights
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